Wenger, The World Cup is held every 2 years

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Wenger proposes plans to overhaul the national team program. The World Cup is held every 2 years. Alternating with the continental championship.

French newspaper L’Equipe has released an interview with ex-Arsenal boss Arsenal Wenger. As director of football development of the International Football Federation (FIFA). That wants to push for changes in the national team competition program to be more clearly define. The principle is The National Team Qualifier Tournament. Shall be held at a specific time every year. And at the end of the club football season followed. By the World Cup or various continental football championships

Namely, the World Cup and the continental football championships (Euro, Copa America, CONCACAF Gold Cup, Asian Cup, Africa Cup of Nations and Oceania Nations Cup). Every other year (for example, this year’s World Cup. Next year’s Euro Cup and next year the World Cup alternately)

Wenger said When the exact group stage qualifiers are schedule in the same period every year This will allow players to have time to fully devote themselves to the club. Do not have to take breaks from the national team from time to time. like the present. The national team and club calendars are clearly separate from each other. Footballers do not have to be tire, travel often, fans themselves will like it. Because the schedule is easy to understand. Nothing complicated and confirmed that the match will not increase I didn’t think of this plan with the organization’s revenue in mind.

Wenger expands on his own plans. May reduce the number of qualifying games Major tournaments. The race is schedule for October. Before football kicks off, clubs will have at least 25 days of rest, with the aim of presenting a roadmap for implementation in 2028, two years after the North American and Mexico World Cups.