Tacchinardi complains Ronaldo about moves the team

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Juventus legend Alessio Tacchinardi has slammed Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo. That they can choose to move out of the Zebra army back to Manchester United in a better way. But not doing it.

Tacchinardi say“I think Ronaldo should find a better way to leave Juventus, which is really easy to do. But he opted to take a private jet out of Italy. While Max Allegri is preparing the squad with the rest of the players just a day before the Empoli match. He told Tuttosport:

“You should at least have the opportunity to hold a fan farewell or a press conference to say a few words to everyone involved with Juventus. because it is important.”

“Okay, you might not be the legends of Italian football like Alessandro del Piero, Francesco Totti, Paolo Maldini, Javier Zanet. Frustrated, but the decision to leave the agency is stubborn like this, even though you say well that you want to go back and play for the old team that is like a second home. No one said anything.”

“Ronaldo’s unloving action this time immediately put Juventus in a difficult position. Because you don’t say anything until there are only 1-2 days left before the market closes. So where would the team have time to buy a striker that strikes a goal instead?”