Sterling reportedly racially abused by Hungary

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British prime minister condemns Hungarian football fans for racially abusing Sterling-Bellingham in World Cup qualifiers, putting pressure on FIFA

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Out to condemn a Hungarian fan for using racist remarks about Raheem Sterling and Jude Bellingham. Two of England’s black players. In the 2022 World Cup qualifying game. The lions roared to a 4-0 victory on September 2. during the game. There were a number of fans mocking the monkeys. There are also throwing objects into the field.

Johnson posted on Twitter that It was unacceptable for England players to be subject to racist abuse against Hungary. Ask the International Football Federation (FIFA) to take heavy sanctions against the perpetrators. In order to prevent such embarrassing behavior from happening again in the future.

Previously in July The European Football Confederation (UEFA) has banned the Hungarian Football Federation for kicking three of their national team games behind closed doors. Because of football fans showing racist behavior during the “Euro 2020” football match in the past.

England’s players also had cups and bottles thrown at them during each of the goal celebrations — with Declan Rice and Jack Grealish amusingly pretending to drink out of them — while a flare was thrown onto the pitch as the team celebrated Harry Maguire’s goal.After the game, England forward Marcus Rashford, who is currently out following shoulder surgery, took to social media in support of his teammates.