Manchester United club to celebrate Woodward’s new CEO

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Manchester United club are close to being able to appoint a talented person to take over the management roster from CEO Ed Woodward, who has been in the position for a long time, set to retire by the end of 2021.

The Sky News report cited a source close to the board meeting in New York City that the new CEO Richard Arnold. He has been name. One of the members of the Executive Director ‘Red Devils’

Sparrows close to Manchester United club executives add. That a statement on Mr Arnold’s appointment would be made as early as October. But there is no written summary of the drain. Including some minor changes may be made first.

Another source said the transfer will be announce at the latest before the end of 2021. So that all parties can be prepared to deal with any negative or positive trends affecting the club’s shares.

Arnold was one of three candidates nominate by the board to consider. And received favorable comments from the Glazers family, the owners of the club. 

As for the change in the CEO. The need to do urgently is because Woodward pushes to be involve as the head of the European Super League. Which invites only the elite clubs of the continent to compete. 

And of course, ‘Red Army’ fans see it as undermining the foundation of the sport, which is based on equality and strengthening its fan base. This led to massive protests until the project collapsed. and Mr. Woodward One of the key players was force out to maintain the corporate image. 

Plus, responsibility is reduce, especially in the buying and selling of players due to the transfer of power to John Murtuf as sporting director and Darren Fletcher as technical director run out.