Dream of ‘Mario Balotelli’

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Mario Balotelli, 31, is also dreaming of a return to Roberto Mancini‘s Italy squad. Who is scheduled to play in the 2022 World Cup play-offs next March.

Adana Demirspor’s Mario Balotelli, 31, has yet to give up his dream of returning to the Italy squad for the 2022 World Cup play-offs. During the next March After talking to Roberto Mancini and insisting that he is ready to set foot from Turkey to return to the motherland.

Italy, as Euro 2020 champions, have failed to play the last two games of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers against Switzerland. Face to face to win Group C, send the Azzurri to dust in the play-off round to win a ticket to the ‘World Cup’ in Qatar at the end of next year.

Earlier this week, Mario’s brother Enoch Balotelli reveal in the media. That his brother would be a good fit for Mancini’s Italy. Before the 31-year-old insisted he still has a dream of becoming a ‘mancini’. Return to the Azzurri team again. 

‘I feel good after two and a half years. I feel ready to return to the national team. it will be a dream I will now walk out of Turkey. If I knew I would be call up in March,’ Balotelli said.

‘I have a good relationship with Mancini and I have always had it. He just wants to say what he wants from me so that I can return to the national team and I would if I had heard of it recently? Yes’

‘What he wants from me. He’s said it many times,’ the 31-year-old continue. ‘I don’t have to make any promises to myself. He knows that if I’m okay Why won’t he call me?’

‘For my character I can play with everyone, even Ciro (Immobile)’

Italy automatically missed out on tickets to the World Cup final. It is partly attribute to Jorginho’s two missed penalty kills against Switzerland. When asked if he was ready to take on the penalty shoot-out. If summoned to the Azzurri army in the future 

‘Will I take a penalty? I will not answer because it will cause conflict. But everyone knows I can take the penalty. Every footballer dreams of being the striker of his team.’