Bergwijn is proud to lead his squad for the Europa Conference League

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Tottenham Hotspur winger Steven Bergwijn is proud to lead his squad for the Europa Conference League group stage at Vitesse Arnhem as a club in the Eredi. Visy Netherlands Homeland This kind of opportunity doesn’t come around often, so I promise to do my best ufabet.

Head coach Nuno S. Spirito Puerto Santo planning at the core of 11 people in the UK to help Ian cathode oversaw a rehearsal for London. Derby matches across West Ham (24 in . C .).

Therefore, the windmill invasion group is the second set , Rising Star and Bergwijn, the first main set to recover from a sore foot problem. Need a fit match and the players look especially enthusiastic.

“ It is always special when you come back and play in your home country. I, too, came back. and then fit The most important ” players aged 24 years, said in a prepared statement.  

“ With playing at the English League into the second year. I knew that there were still a lot of good things left to be released. Like before injury, it’s a great start to the new season. ” 

“I admit that last season was a bit difficult but the current season has turned out to be positive. Trying to maintain the confidence gained from the staff. Then everyone will see soon. ” 

The Dutchman has made four appearances in all competitions. made one assist The final race of the Europa Conference Alliance League tie Lille on 16 g . ‘S .